The use of Little, A Little and The Little examples and exercise.

 In this article, I have explained the use of Little, A Little, and The Lilltel in the English language with examples and exercises. I have explained each in detail. I have discussed each separately so that students can understand easily. I have also given the examples and exercises at the end of the article

The use of Little, A Little, and The Little

The Use of Little, A Little, and The Little


Little, A little, and The little are used in the sentence in which quantity is mentioned. Little, A Little, and The Little are used with nouns that we can not count. Little, A little, and The Little are used with such nouns which can not be counted but measured. Little is used in the sentence in which quantity is very small and not enough. A little is used in the sentence in which the quantity is small. The little is used in the sentence in which quantity is specified.


I have little sugar.   ( I have no Sugar )
I have a little sugar.   ( I have some Sugar)
I offer the little sugar which I had.   Definite or specific quantity)

The use of Little ( not much, hardly any)

Little means hardly anything. Little gives negative meanings. Little has a negative meaning. Little means equal to zero. It means something which is in a very low amount. It is almost equal to nothing.


There is little water in the jug.   ( It means there is no water in the jug)
There is little sense in this lady.   (It means she has no sense)
I have little water.   (It means I have no water)
There is little water in the pond.   (It means the pound has no water)

The use of A Little ( Some but less)

A little means a small quantity. It means a considerable quantity. A little has a positive meaning. It means a small degree or amount. A little means are small but significant.


Is there a little water in the jug?   (It means the jug has some water)
There was a little sugar in the tin can.   (It means tin has some sugar)
There is a little milk in the glass.   (It means glass has some milk)
I have a little time.   (It means I have some time)
I have a little sugar.   (It means I have some sugar)
we have a little money.   (It means we have some money)
I drank a little water.   ( It means some water )

The use of The Little (Small but definite and specific)

The little means a small quantity that is definite and specific.The little means a specific and definite quantity of uncountable nouns.


The little sugar, which was left in the tin has been consumed. ( Definite quantity of Sugar)
The little sense, which was left him has been married to his naughty children. (Specific quantity of sense)
The little food I had, was also destroyed in the flood. (It means a definite quantity of food)

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