The Use of too ------- too and so---- That with examples and exercise.

 In this article, I have explained the use of too---- to with examples and exercise. I have also given examples and exercises at the end of the article. An adjective is used after first too and the first form of the main verb is used after second to. I have also explained the use of So and That in this article.

The use of Too ---- To

The use of too ----- to 

Too + (Adjective) To + (Verb)

'Too (Adjective)---- to' (Verb I) is used in the sentence that has two parts. The second part of the sentence is negative but we do not use' not' in the sentence. The method of translation of such sentences is that subject is used in the beginning. The helping verb is used after the subject and then 'too' is used. The adjective is used after 'too', and then 'to' is used. After the 'to' verb which is used in the second part of the sentence is used.


Subject + Helping verb + Too + Adjective +   To + Main Verb
Subject + (According to tense) + Too + Adjective + To + VI


He is too ill to walk.
He is too honest to commit any dishonesty.


These sentences can be translated by simple methods. In the first part, we can use 'so' and in the second part, we can use 'that'

The use of 'So' ----- 'That'


Subject + Helping Verb + So + Adjective + That + Subject +Helping  verb + Main verb
Subject + (According to tense) + Adjective + That + Subject + Could /can not + VI


He is so ill that he can not walk.
He was so honest that he could not commit any dishonesty


1. She is too innocent to deceive anyone.
    She is so innocent that she can not deceive anyone

2. He is too small to tell a lie.
    He is so small that he can not tell a lie.

3. He is too simple to mislead anyone.
    He is too simple that he can not mislead anyone.

4. She is too old to walk.
     She is so old that she can not walk.

5. The lesson was too tough to remember.
     The lesson was so tough that he can not remember it.

6. The poem was too difficult to understand.
     The poem was so difficult that he could not understand

7. She is too good to hurt anyone.
    She is so good that she can not hurt anyone.

8. She was too cruel to give spiritual solace.
     She was so cruel that she could not give spiritual solace to anyone.

9. They are too outspoken to hide anything.
     They are so outspoken that they can not hide anything.

10 He is too dull to pass the examination.
     He is so dull that he can not pass the examination.

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