How to write a letter to the Editor of the newspaper?

Letter to the Editor 

In this article, I have given the general pattern of a letter to the editor. With the help of this pattern, you can write any letter to the editor. I have also given the four-letter for example. You have just remembered the pattern and with the help of this pattern, any letter can be written easily.

The general pattern of a Letter to the editor 

                                                                                                Examination Hall,
                                                                                                City (A. B. C. )
                                                                                                 April 20, 2020
The Editor,
The Nation,
 A.B, C,

Subject:  Letter about-------------------------.

I want to seek the help of your esteemed daily The Nation to call the attention of the higher authorities as well as that of the public to a very grave problem. The columns of your influential and widespread newspapers are the most suitable place for it. In the recent past, this problem has assumed a very serious turn. It demands the immediate attention of the Government. It is the problem of ------------. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Problem--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In short, the conditions are too hopeless to be expressed in words.

There are some suggestions regarding this problem.. Firstly,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suggestions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We hope the Government and the high authorities will take an immediate step to solve the problem and redress our grievances.

                                                                                     Thanking you in anticipation,
                                                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                                                                          X. Y. Z.


Letter no. 1

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on the increasing number of beggars or begging.


The trend and tendency of beggars and begging are increasing in our society with every passing day. The number of professional and fake beggars has increased to an alarming extent. These beggars beg charity, alms donations, Fitrana, and zakat on various pretexts. These beggars can be seen near railway stations, bus stands, mosques, hospitals, parks, etc. Moreover, they are found on the shrines of saints. Some of these beggars claim to have spiritual powers. In this way, they are defrauding innocent citizens. Some beggars are stout. They have adopted begging as a profession. The beggars have distributed the different areas among themselves. These beggars are a burden on society. They do not want to work. The most important point is that these beggars are suffering from contagious diseases. They are spreading infection and contagious diseases here and there. These beggars go on imploring till they get something If you don did not give them anything, they pester you by cursing. In short, the conditions are too hopeless to be expressed in words.


Firstly, all types of begging should be banned. Secondly, professional and fake beggars should be arrested. They should provide jobs in factories, mills, etc. Thirdly, those who are disabled, wounded, and helpless should be sent to the poor house. These poor houses should be supported by rich and charitable people.

Letter No.  2

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper commenting on the power failure.


The problem is that of power failure. Electric supply in rural areas as well as in the urban areas is very unsatisfactory. The public is feeling much disturbed owing to frequent load shading. Electricity in homes as well as in industrial units is very important. The livelihood of most people depends on cheaper electric supplies. In case of power failure or load shading, the public has to face a miserable plight. Moreover, the electric poles do not safely carry electric wires. sometimes the electric poles fall down because of a heavy storm. They cannot do the repair work properly. Moreover, the rates of electricity are regularly increased. The entire situation is very pinching. In short, the condition is hopeless


I would like to put forward the following suggestion in the connection. Firstly, electricity should be restored on a permanent basis. Secondly, new dams should be built as soon as possible. Thirdly, the employees in this department should be made responsible, dutiful, and alert. Fourthly, the basis of the electricity should not be raised. Sixthly, media can play an important role in creating awareness in the public. The public should try to save energy resources.

Letter No.  3

Letter to the editor about suicide bombing self-killing attacks.


The problem is that of suicide bombing. Suicide attacks in our country are increasing with every passing day. Moreover, bomb explosions are taking place in public places like a bus -stands, railway stations, airports, hospitals, busy bazaars, mosques, etc. the procession of political parties is also the target of the suicide attackers. In my view, the major cause of these suicide bombings some powerful countries have occupied the weaker countries. there are frequent cases of human rights violations in these areas. Therefore, freedom fighters resort to suicide bombing. Secondly, sectarianism is also a major cause of suicide attacks. There are many sects that have religious disharmony. This results in clashes. So the suicide bombers go on attacking one another. In short, the condition is very hopeless.


Although there is no solution to suicide attacks yet I would like to put forward the following suggestion in this connection. Firstly the superpowers in the world should desist. Secondly, U. N. O. should play its role in the connection. Thirdly, the organization of Islamic countries O.I.C. should be made more effective. Fourthly, such religious schools as are misguiding the youngsters should be closed down. Fifthly, foreign agencies should be made more alert and vigilant. Sixthly, modern devices should be used to detect such attackers.

Letter No. 4

Write a letter to the editor about the use of unfair means in the examination


The trend and tendency of the use of unfair means in the examination are increasing with every passing day. The idle and sluggish students employ a large variety of methods. the first one is Booty Mafia. The students write down the relevant material on small chits, rulers hands shirts, etc. Secondly, the students also give bribes to the superintendent for copying in examination halls. In the way, they purchase the staff of the examiners.


I would like to put the following suggestions in this connection. Firstly, sudden raids should be made at the examination halls. Secondly, those students who employ unfair means should be declared eligible forever and ever. Thirdly, those examiners who are found involved in corruption should be suspended from their jobs; Fourthly, tight security should be arranged in the examinations halls.


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