How to write application for any job? For B.A students of Punjab University


How to Write a Job application?

In this article, I have explained One Job Application for all job applicants. I have also given the different topics on which you can write job applications. This one application can be written on any topic for the job. After preparing this application you can write any job application.

Job Applications 

Job application no. 1

 Young, active energetic male and female graduates to work as insurance Agents
Apply Farahan Insurance company, Real Road, Lahore.

Job application no. 2

 Wanted a public Relations officer, male or female. Must be graduate from college of good repute with fluent English land in good health. Age up to 25 years. Alpha plastic goods company, p. o . Box, 789 Karachi.

Job Application No 3.

Write an Application to the Executive District Officer Education for an appointment as a teacher.

Job Application No.4 

Write an Application to the Executive District co- coordination officer, for appointment as a clerk.

Job Application No. 5

A storekeeper by a reputed company of medicines based at -------must be energetic young man ----- Qualification at least graduation and experienced. Apply to Goher Store, P. O. Box. 111, --------.

Job Application No. 6

Reputed for growing company sales manager minimum qualification: Graduate Send Application to Box No 1234Co the nation, city.

Job Application No. 7

Write an Application to The General Manager, Goher Air Lines, City. For an appointment as an Air Hostess. The female candidates must be fluent in English, have Attractive personalities, and age between 25 to 30.

Job Application No. 8

Write an application to The Secretary of education for an appointment as an English teacher.

Job Application No. 9

Chemists, Qualification M. Sc. (chemistry) Experience 5 years, Hardworking. May apply to Goher Chemical Industry, Farahan Road, City.

Job Application No 10.

Write an application to the General Manager, Goher Suger Mills, appointment as a clerk. The candidate must be B.Com. , good typing speed, experience, and hard work.

The pattern of Job Application


Subject: Application for the post of ----(Here write the name of job)--------

Through an advertisement, I have come to know that a post of a --------- is lying vacant under your kind control. I beg to offer myself a candidate. As regards my qualifications and other particulars, I state as under.
                        (Qualification) ( Experience)  (Hard work)  (other demands) 

           (Write a separate paragraph about qualification, experience, and hard work)

If I am lucky enough to ve appointed to the post I have applied for, I assure you, sir, I will try my best to satisfy you with my work and behavior.
   Attested copies of my documents are enclosed

                                                                                          Yours obediently,

                                                      BioData Sheet

  • Name                                           ---------------------
  • Father's name                              ---------------------
  • D.O.B.                                         ---------------------
  • Domicile                                     ----------------------
  • District.                                       ----------------------
  • Hobbies                                       ----------------------
  • Phone                                          ----------------------
  • Email                                           ----------------------


I have qualified for my graduation/B. Com./M. B. A.  from the University of the ------------- with a high first division.

professional Qualification

I have also qualified B. Ed and M. Ed. from --------------- with excellent grade.


I am experienced, ------------- I have been serving as a ------------- privately for the period of four years. so, I am a relevant man for this job.

Hard Work

I am a hard-working fellow. I can perform the assigned duties of ten hours at a stretch.

English language

My English is very good I can speak English fluently because one of my subjects in B.A. was English literature.

Typing Speed

I can type well. My typing speed is very good It is about 50-60 words per minute.


I have an attractive personality. My facial and physical features are also very attractive. I a young man with sound health.


I also hold a diploma in this connection.

 (You can add your genuine education and experiences.)

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