How to write a good essay on any negative values? For F.A and B. A students of Punjab University


How to write a good essay on negative values?

How to write an outline of the essay?

Always use roman counting while giving outlines. If you can give a sub-outline you should use the alphabet and if you will have to give a miner subheading you should use 1234. This is an international pattern. In this article, I have given the exact pattern of writing outline In this article, I have explained how to write a good essay on negative values. I have given 31 different topics on negative values. In all exams, a topic of negative values is given. These topics are important for negative values. making outlines is a difficult task. If you can make outlines it is easy to write an essay on this topic.

How to write the first paragraph

In the first paragraph, you should give a thesis statement and introduction. You should give a definition and general overview of your topic

How to write 2nd paragraph

In the second paragraph, you should give the causes of negative values. Most causes are common of every negative value. For example poor planning, accountability, the concept of reward and punishment, the justice system, population, political instability illiteracy, gender differences, lack of transparency, and influence of powerful persons in different departments. These causes are common in every negative value. If you can write two or three sentences on every cause or factor, many sentences can be produced.

How to write 3rd paragraph

In the 3rd paragraph, you will have to write its negative effect on society and the world. If the topic is on negative values definitely its effect will be negative on society and the world. For example, it spoils the law and order situation in the country. Any negative value affects a common man more than a rich man. criminal rate and situation of anarchy increases due to any negative value. The future of the country appears dismal and it affects the economic condition of the country and its people.

How to 4rh paragraph

In the 4rh paragraph, you can write how can we check and control it. we can check any negative value by doing good planning and improving the justice system. In this paragraph reverse the causes of negative values. You can say that we can control it by ending its causes. Media, society, NGOs, the government can play a role to check it.

How to write 5th and last paragraph

In the 5th and last paragraph, you can write conclusion remarks. Long-term and short-term planning are needed to check this negative value. 

Essay topics

1. Inflation or Rising Price or Price Hike or Dearness

2. Corruption

3. Social Evils

4. Unemployment

5. Pollution

6. Nuclear war

7. Adulteration

8. Poverty

9. Illiteracy

10. Problems of Pakistan

11. Energy Crisis in Pakistan

12. Failure of democracy in Pakistan

13. Problems of the education system in Pakistan

14. Horrors of wars

15. Abuses of strikes

16. Pessimism

17. Impact of terrorism in Pakistan

18. Suicide Bombing or suicide Attacks

19. Impact of load shedding on the economy

20. Drug Addiction in Pakistan

21. Problems of the Muslim world

22. Challenges for Pakistan

23. The water crisis in Pakistan

24. How to check terrorism in Pakistan

25. Sectarianism

26. Religion violence

27. Religious extremism

28. Problems faced by women in Pakistan

29. Hoarding

 30 Beggary 

31. Coronavirus pandemic



         A.   Thesis statement

        B.   Definition of --------

                             1.  What is the meaning of ---------?

       C.   A general overview of --------

                         1 --------is an International problem

                         2 --------in Pakistan


           A.  poor planning is the root cause of --------

         B.   There is no accountability in Pakistan

         C.  There is no effect of reward and punishment

          D.    The poor justice system is another cause of -------------

           E.     The baby boom is another factor responsible of -------

           F.    Political instability is an important cause of ---------

           G . Illiteracy plays an important role in increasing ---------

           H . Gender differences play an important role in increasing------

           I.   Lack of transparency

           J.   power of influential people


            A. The situation stands worse confounded

            B.  The plight of the man on the street

            C.  Criminal rate enhanced/increased

             D.  State of anarchy

             E.  The future of the country appears dismal/grim
             F.  How life affect from --------very badly

             G.  Hurdle in the economic policies of the Government


              A. Proper planning is the ultimate solution of the problem

              B. we need to properly check and balance to eradicate -----

              C.   The good justice system can help us in decreasing this issue

              D.   Control of the population helps us in checking the problem of -----
               E.  political stability can play role in checking ------

               F.    The Role of media is very important in eradicating ------

               G.   Enhance literacy rate in the country
                H.   The Role of advanced countries is very important


                A.   We need long-term and short-term planning

                 B.   The sooner some practical measures

                 C.    Involvement of society and community

                  D.   Check the main factors behind ---------

                  E.    Rulers and politicians should work sincerely

                   F.   Dreams of the prosperous country may come true


It is a great problem faced by the modern world. Our modern civilization is basically responsible of ----- The people of every country seem to be the victim of the -------during different periods of time. It is a universal problem.

It creates frustration and disappointment among the people. It brings starvation, disease, and hunger.
It brings backwardness and creates social evils. The national and international level policies are made to tackle the issue of ----------. As time passes the problem is getting more severe day by day.

However, third-world countries like Pakistan, India, Seri Lanka, etc are facing this problem badly. As compared to developing countries, the majority of people in these countries are poor and have no resources to deal with the issue of ------.

It hampers the development of the country. No country can be claimed of being developed without
Solving the problem -------. It also affects national life in the economic field. As it is a big hurdle in the development of any country. There are many social, economic, and political causes of the problem of ------.
The majority of the people are uneducated. Therefore, they cannot understand the nature of the
The problem of ------- in the true sense. Illiteracy is indeed a great curse. It is lethal for the entire nation or Country. Illiterate people cannot understand and are well aware of their rights and duties. They do not have an awareness that how to tackle the issue of --------. There is a great need for increasing the literacy rate in the country in order to solve the problem of -----------. An educated person can work efficiently in Various fields of life. They can promote agriculture, industry, and trade.

Baby booming is also a serious cause of the --------.  An increase in population means to decrease in
Resources and food. The food problem has become serious. It has become a worldwide problem. There is a need to check and control---------. It is the root cause of many problems.
Many social and economic problems arise due to the population explosion.

Poverty is another cause of --------. Poverty means people do not have much money as compared to their needs poor people can not enjoy a healthy and prosperous life.
We all know that poverty in any society brings many social evils and problems. The poor people do not have access to education, health, and justice. As we all know poverty is the mother of all sins and problems.

The condition of --------- is unsatisfactory in Pakistan. Being a developing country Pakistan has not have many resources to overcome the problem of -------and the condition of -------- is getting severe day by day. We just seem to be helpless in the matter. As we are facing the issue of-----
right from the birth of our dear homeland. Therefore, every peace-lover and patriot who craves for peace, progress, and prosperity in the country, must ponder over the factors behind -------.

It should be the primary concern of the rulers, scholars, educationists, intellectuals, politicians, NGOs, Social workers, community, society, and mass media to take proper and effective steps and try their level best for the eradication of the growing menace of ------.

It is crystal clear that in the presence of this menace both, nation and country cannot march on the road to peace, progress, and prosperity. With the help of an honest and selfless approach and by taking all
Precautionary measures, we can get rid of -----------. This is our moral and spiritual duty that we should take efforts to remove the problems that are faced by us. By avoiding------------------we can run on the royal road to success. We have to remove this problem if we want to march with advanced countries and the modern world. The dream of a prosperous country may come true.

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