What is conjunction ? Definition and types of conjunction

 In this article, I have explained the conjunction and its kinds. The conjunction is a very important topic. It is a very important part of speech. There are two important types of conjunction. I have explained these two types with examples. If you do not understand the types of conjunction it is very difficult to understand the types of sentences because the types of a sentence depend upon types of conjunction. A sentence is compound or complex conjunctions help us in understanding the types of sentence, therefore, this is a very important topic

conjunction and types of conjunction


Conjunction and types of conjunctions

Definition of Conjunction

Conjunctions are the words that join words, phrases, or clauses. Conjunctions belong to a closed class that has a linking function.


  • Ali and Hina go to school.
  • He is very smart but quite eager.
  • I want co-operation, o the other hand, Ali does not
In these examples, but, on the other hand, are used as conjunctions. In the first sentence and is connecting two nouns, in the second sentence but are connecting two phrases, in the third sentence, on the other hand, is connecting two clauses.

Kinds of conjunctions

There are two types of conjunctions coordinating conjunction and subordinating conjunctions.

1. Co-coordinating conjunctions

Co-coordinating conjunctions connect words, phrases, and clauses of equal level or rank. Coordinating conjunction connects two words, phrased and clauses on an equal level.


  • He came here and he met me.
  • They came to see me but I was not at home.
  • She is pretty but she is very proud.
  • I bought a computer and a keyboard.
  • These books are useless and are old.
  • I like coffee but hate tea.
  • I arrived at 9am and left at 11am.

In these examples, the words and, but, are examples of coordinating conjunctions.
Some important coordinating conjunctions are as under.
For, and, nor, So, But, Or, Yet,


These are some important coordinating conjunctions you can remember it by remembering the word (FANSBOY) F –For, A-And, N-Nor, S-So, B-But, O-Or, Y-Yet. There are many other conjunctions also but these are very important. For example either-or, neither-nor, not only-but also, so-as, so-that, whether-or, though, yet, such, as, etc.

2. Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions connect two phrases or clauses of unequal rank or level.


  • I shall read this book if you advise me.
  • He was reading a book while he was watching TV.
  • I was playing cricket when he came to see me.
  • My teacher is very strict although he is very supportive.
  • We are going to see them when they arrive.
  • She left the course because she did not like it.
  • I do not know whether he will come.

In these examples if, while, when, although, because, whether are called subordinating conjunctions. There are many other subordinating conjunctions.
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