How to write outlines and essay on any positive values? For F.A and B.A. students


How to write a good essay?

In this article, I have explained how can a student write a good essay in the B.A. examination. There are many students who can not write a good essay in their examinations. They believe that writing an essay is a very difficult job that is why a large number of students remember an essay by heart. They believe that if they want to write a good essay they have to remember it by heart. By reading this article a student can write a good essay in creative writing. 

 I have given here 30 different topics on which you can write a good essay with the help of outlines. Outlines help you in writing a good essay. You can write two or three sentences on every outline. In this way, you can write many sentences on any topic.

In the introduction, you can give a thesis statement and generalize it. You can write two or three sentences on the thesis statement easily. You can write two or three sentences on the importance of the topic on man's life and similarly two or three sentences its posit effect on man's life.

In the second paragraph, you can discuss the topic according to Islam. You can easily write two or three sentences on a given topic an Islamic point of view. You can write a few sentences that Islam and other religions emphasize the following topics and their values. 

In the third paragraph, you can discuss its positive effect on human life. If the value is possible definitely its effect would be positive. You can also write its positive effect on all humanity and the world. How can we develop a positive value among our people and society?

In the fifth paragraph, you can discuss why this value is important and it is very important for human life. In the last paragraph, you can conclude your discussion. Writing good is an art we should learn this art so that we can write a good essay. At the end of the essay, I have given some questions which are general in nature you can write these questions on any topic which is positive in nature. 

Essay Topics

1. Freedom of speech

2. National Unity

3. Role of media in Pakistan

4. Democracy

5. Friendship

6. Accountability

7. Information technology

8. Self-reliance and Pakistan

9. Self-defense

10. Village Life

11. Importance of supports

12. Importance of discipline

13. Human Rights

14. Reading for pleasure

15. Muslim unity

16. My ambition in life

17. Patriotism

18. Education for all

19. Importance of time

20. Tolerance

21. Role of science

22. Knowledge of power

23. Adult education

24. Ideal life

25. Hobbies of past time

26. The role of Newspaper

27. Meaning of life

28. Hard work is key to success

29. Moral Values

30. Optimism


I Introduction:

A.  Thesis statement

B.  General Statement

C.  It has an important role in man’s life

D.  It Maintains the balance of life

II Islam and -------.

A. Islamic teaching emphasizes the value of -----.

B.  It is key to success in this world

C.  It is essential to make progress in life

E.  It has Importance in every field of life

III.  Its impact on human life

A.  Islamic code for private and public life is the best code of life

B.  It enhances human knowledge

C.  It broadening our vision

IV.  The need of -------.

A -------is a very useful quality

B -----is the crown and glory of human life

C ------the requirement of human life

V.  Advantage of --------.

A ------introduce social reforms and progress

B Happiness lies in performing our duties honestly and faithfully

VI.  Conclusion

A ----does not flourish any kind of discrimination

B ------is necessary for a democratic country

C.  The government should play its role in spreading-------

D.  Media should its role in promoting the value------

E.   Society should play its role in developing the value------


-------- has great importance in man’s life. The life of man remains incomplete without it. It is very important for a man. To seek and achieve perfection in every field of life is the desire of every man. It helps a man in achieving impossible tasks. It provides a perfect base for an ideal human life. Therefore, it is inevitable in the life of an individual and in society. With the passage of time, it has become the need of the hour. 

Human life is a combination of many things. Every aspect of life has its role and importance. When we concentrate on one aspect the other aspects ignore. A man has to suffer due to his negligence. Therefore, in human life, there is always a need for balance. It maintains the balance in human life It gives us great benefits.

-------- is a secret of a happy and successful life. The past history of man reveals that it has provided great success to man. When we study the lives of great men and women .we can observe that they take it as basic principles of lives. Every prediction of our lives can become true. When we work according to these important principles we can succeed in our lives. Our religion teaches u good manners in the best possible way. Our holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was an embodiment of good manners.

Islamic teachings emphasize the value of ----- during the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was manifested in letter and spirit. But today, we do not apply it in our practical life. On the other hand, non-Muslims are practicing this Islamic Principle in its true spirits. That is why they are making progress by leaps and bounds in all fields of life. We are not only going downward but falling into disrepute among the community of nations.

We should follow our religion strictly and depend upon Islam. Islamic code for private and public life is the best code of life to introduced social reforms and progress. Islamic teaching also emphasizes the value of -----. Our religion encourages us that we should promote------.

------- is helpful in enhancing our knowledge and broadening our vision. It is the key to making progress in life. The importance of ---- is now self–evident. We should follow the principle of ----. Indeed ----is the discipline for the adventure of life.

It makes our destiny. Only by acting upon the golden principle of ---- Success is possible in life. Life without ----is meaningless. It gives us honor and dignity in the long run.  ------is the obligation of every person of this world to promote. We should promote-----so that we can march with time and advanced countries.

QUOTES (use quotes according to the situation)

‘’Reading maketh full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man’’ (Francis Bacon)

‘’Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.’’ (Albert Einstein)

‘’Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand.’’ (Native American saying)

‘’Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth. ‘’ (Archimedes)

‘’The only model to follow is pure Islam. ‘’ (Abu Bakar Bashir)
(These are general  quotations you can write these quotations on any topics )

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