An important essay on "smoking and its effects" for F.A and B.A students

In this article, I have discussed an important essay smoking and it bad effect on students life. I have also given the outlines so that students can easily remember them for their examination. A student can write a good essay with help of outlines.

Smoking and its Effects


I. Introduction
II. The trend of smoking in Pakistan
III. Causes of smoking
IV. Bad Effect of smoking
     2. Several diseases
     3. Decrease in a working capacity
     4. Uneasiness for others
     5. Wastage of money
V. Suggestions
     1. How can we uproot smoking?
     2. Ban on cigarette advertisement
VI.  Conclusion


Smoking is a habit and many people living throughout the world have become addicted to smoking. It is said that tobacco was initially brought from America to England. Tobacco is the basic and major ingredient of cigars, cigarette,s, and pope. Soon tobacco became immensely popular with people across the world. In the beginning, European people soaked pipes cigars whereas the Eastern people smoked hookahs. Later on, cigarettes became immensely popular because cigarettes are also easily available. 

Now 1500 billion cigarettes are smoked each year. Although Pakistan is a developing country yet the trend and tendency of smoking are increasing with every passing day. Pakistan grows and consumes tobacco on a large scale. The number of those who are chain-smokers is already in the millions. Even children and women have been found addicted to smoking. Smokers can be seen everywhere. N bus, no train, no cinema hall, no hotel, no bazaars, and no street is without smokers.

There are many causes of smoking. Let us discuss these causes one by one. In my view, the major cause of smoking is the advertisements which are shown daily on T.V. channels. The viewers are tempted to smoking. Secondly, some youngsters start smoking as fashion and fun. But soon they are trapped in the cruel clutches of smoking. Thirdly, the bad company is also responsible for smoking among many of the youngsters. Fourthly, cigarettes of different brands are easily available. They are so cheap that smokers can easily buy them.

Smoking produces many bad effects. Let us discuss these evil effects one by one. In my view, the major evil effect of smoking is on health. Smoking brings about many deadly and incurable diseases. Lung diseases and cancer are breaking out due to smoking. The cancer of lips, tongue, mouth larynx, and bladder are increasing among smokers. Respiratory infection is another disease caused by smoking.

The smokers go on coughing and including germs in the air. The offsprings of smokers are not healthy. But cancer is the major result of smoking. Secondly, smokers waste a lot of time smoking cigarettes. Their working capacity also decreases. Thirdly, smokers also create uneasiness for others. The passengers cannot travel comfortably due to the unpleasant smell of the smoke. 

The mouths of the smokers give out offensive smells. All the creates a disturbance for the non-smokers. Fourthly, smoking also puts bad effects on the economy of the country. Millions of rupees in the form of foreign exchange wasted on the purchase of imported packets of cigarettes. Moreover, billions of rupees are smoked away every year.

I would like to put forward to following suggestions to uproot smoking. Firstly, media can play an important role in creating awareness among the public. People should be made aware of the dangerous effects of smoking. Secondly, there should be a complete ban on smoking cigarettes,s especially in public places.

Advertisements and commercials about cigarettes on T.V.channels, radio, and News-paper should also be banned. Thirdly, those areas where tobacco is cultivated should be given in the control of the government. Crops of nutritional value should be cultivated instead of tobacco.

From the above discussion, it is clear that smoking is a curse and a bane. This habit is proving disastrous effects on health and on our economy. But if we follow the above-mentioned suggestions, we can reduce the trend and tendency towards smoking.

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