Horrors of the Modern War

In this essay, I have explained the essay on the Horrors of the Modern war with outlines. I have explained this essay for B. A and F.A. students. This essay is very important from the examination point of view.

Horrors of the Modern War 


1. Introduction
2. Scope of the horror of the modern war
3. Destruction and horrible aspects of modern war
     I.  A large scale destruction 
     II. Deaths on a large scale
     II. I economic destruction
     IV.  Sense of insecurity
4. Suggestions to avoid the horrors
5. Conclusion


By the horrors of the modern war, we mean the horrible problems that will take place in case the war breaks out in the world in 21 century, because now the war with not be fought with old and outdated weapons. Now, almost every country has the most modern weapons.
Especially the advanced countries like America, England, Russia, China, France, and European countries have an inexhaustible supply of modern, chemical, and nuclear weapons.

If we study the history of the previous war and battles we shall come to know that the destruction used to be on a small scale because people fought a war with traditional weapons like swords clubs, spears, gun, rifles, arrows, knife, etc. even seventy years ago when the Second World War was fought the weapons were not as modern as we have today. Today we have tanks missiles, machine guns, jets, Bomber planes, etc. those weapons are extremely destructive.

We have nuclear weapons chemical weapons that can bring about immense destruction. The world cannot forget the destruction caused by the atom bomb on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Now the war will decide the winners and the loser in a few days.

There are many destructive effects on modern war. Let’s analyses them one by one. In my view, the major horrible aspects of modern war are large-scale destruction.. If the modern war breaks out, the building, dams, roads, plazas, airports, powerhouses, etc will be blown off in a flash. In other words, the targeted country will turn to rubble. Now the speedy lets attack and finish in a flash.

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