Essay on National Unity for B.A and F.A Students

In this article, I have explained the essay on national unity. This is an important essay for B.A. and F.A/ students. I have explained it in simple and essay language. I have also given the outlines so that a student can easily learn them.

Essay on National Unity


I. Introduction
II. Scope of National Unity
III. National Unity is necessary
        1. A union is a strength and Islamic views
        2. . For quick progress
        3.   For a complete Islamic system
IV. How Unity can be achieved
       I. Through preaching Islam
       2. Promotion of Urdu
       3. Cultural tours
       4. . Rule of Media
       5. Good Text Books
V. Conclusion

National unity means union and harmony among the people living in a country. If the people in the country do not show much differences or disharmony, they are said to be nationally united. National unity is the need of the hour any united nation can get an honorable place in the world. The nation that falls prey to differences, grouping, or clashes is easily dominated by foreigners.

Our religion, Islam, has laid great stress on unity. The Holy Quran says, “All of you should hold the line of Allah and do not fall prey to groups “Our dear leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah has also laid stress on the need for “Unity, faith, and discipline.” The unity you stand and divided you fall” is a famous maxim. History has proved that only those nations remained dominant which displayed unity and harmony.

National unity is important for the people of Pakistan. There are many reasons. Firstly, we need unity because India is an enemy of Pakistan. India is always looking for chances to degrade Pakistan on an international level. India has a powerful media to propagate against Pakistan. India and Israel are bosom friends, they will attack Pakistan whenever they find us weak dispersed, and disunited.

 Therefore, it is the need of the hour that the people of Pakistan should be united nationally. Therefore, we should forget our mutual differences. Secondly, we need national unity if we want to make quick progress. Owing to a lack of national unity there is friction and disturbance everywhere. All these factors become a hurdle of quick progress. Thirdly, we need national unity for the prevalence of a complete Islamic system.

There are many sects in Pakistan. Sectarianism has destroyed our national unity. There are frequent Sunni-Shia clashes. Their religious differences and religious disharmony is a big hurdle in the prevalence of a complete Islamic system in Pakistan.

Now the question arises as to how we can achieve national unity. We have to follow these steps in order to develop unity. Let us discuss these suggestions one by one. Firstly, we can get national unity through preaching Islam. We should preach those verses and hadith that lay stress on unity. The importance of unity should be highlighted in every forum. Secondly, the promotion of Urdu is very necessary for the attainment of national unity.

 We should keep in mind that we are Pakistani. We are neither Sindhi nor Punjabi. We are neither Pathan nor Bloch. Provincialism “is a poison said our beloved Quid-I- Azam. Our national language “Urdu” can save us from falling prey to provincialism. Thirdly, the Government should arrange cultural tours in all four provinces to create harmony and, mutual relations.

Electronic and print media can play an important role in the promotion of national unity. Moreover, good textbooks should be printed for the promotion of national unity,

From the above discussion, it is clear that national unity is the need of the hour. We should leave no stone unturned for the promotion of national unity. If we do not maintain national unity, we shall have to face serious dangers in the future. Then our existence will also be in great danger.

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