An English Essay on Our Examination system for B.A. and F.A students

In this article, I have discussed the essay on our examination system with outlines. This essay is very important for intermediate and graduate level. 

Our Examination System


1. Introduction
2. Our Examination System is increditable
3. Booti-Mafi and cheating, Corruptions
4. Allegation on our Examination Systems
5. Suggestions
6. Conclusion


We cannot deny the importance of examinations. They are a source of judging the educational ability and progress of the students. Examinations are usually held annually. Good results in the examination are considered to be a sign of ability and knowledge.

Now we shall discuss our examination system. As for as our examination system is concerned, we are sorry to say that it lacks credibility. Its reason is that our examination system depends heavily on the written method. It is not a hundred percent true test of the ability of the candidates. In recent years, this examination system has been criticized severely, According to our educationists; our examination system is an unreliable and undependable exercise. Sometimes it happens that the students who study throughout the year regularly get only average degrees. Whereas the students who waste their time throughout the year and mug up a few questions near the examination show unexpectedly better results. That’s why; there is an allegation of uncertainly on our examination system. Secondly, most of our students depend on guesswork. They are always searching for guess-paper, short cuts, and key books that can help them in passing the examination. Thirdly, our examination system proving incredible because of the lack of facilitates. There are no facilities for research and advanced studies. The students as well as teachers have few modern standards and devices that can enhance their knowledge and grip. Especially, our science teachers are not properly trained in their subjects.

Our examination system is charged with “Booty-Mafia” cheating and corruption. It cannot be called a fair hundred percent. The trend and tendency of the use of unfair means are increasing with every passing day. The idle and sluggish students employ a large variety of unfair means. The students write down the relevant material on small chits, ruler, hands, shirts, etc. The students also give bribe to superintendents for copping in the examination. The students of the rich class even try to follow the answer sheets. Moreover, there is an allegation on the secrecy, peaceful conduct, fair marking, and correct tabulation of the results. Unfortunately, all of these processes are full of doubts. The salary of our examiners and clerical staff is low. That’s why they fall easy prey to corruption and bribery. This thing has spoiled the image of our examination system.

The educational board set the worst example in 20011. The boards failed to prove their credibility. There was the worst management in the preparation of the students’ results. The failing students were declared as passing and the passing students were declared as failing ones. Thousands of students got upset.

I would like to put forward the following suggestions in this regard. We can reform our examination system by modernizing it. There should be modern facilities for research and higher studies both for our students and teachers. The use of electronics like audio-video cassettes, CD players, computers, and cameras, etc. should be made common in our education as well as in our examination system. Secondly, our examination system heavily depends on the written method. There should be oral and viva voce methods to test the abilities of the candidates. Thirdly, questions should be set in a manner that can stop the students from cramming short cuts or guess papers. There should be also objective type questions. Fourthly, honest and God-fearing examiners should be recruited for examinations. 

The students who are found involved in unfair activities should be declared ineligible and disqualified forever and ever. Tight security should be arranged in examination halls. Sudden raids by the authorities on the examination centers should be made. In short, our examination system is faulty and has alit of drawbacks. But if the educational authorities make comprehensive planning and ensure its implementation, we can improve our examination system.

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