Chapter No 3 Why Boys Fail in college

 In this article I have given the important questions and answers of the short story Why boys fail in college. I have used very simple language and words so students can easily remember them. These are very important questions according to the examination point of view.

Why Boys fail in college

Important Questions

1. Which are the main classes of boys who fail in college?

There are two classes of students who fail the examination those who try to get through the examination and those who do not

2, Why do even intelligent students fail to get through?

Even intelligent students fail to get through because they have nervous habits. Instead of concentrating on books, they waste their time in sharpening pencils.

3. Who can uproot the nervous habit?

The nervous habit can be uprooted by none but the student himself otherwise he will be unable to do well despite spending so much time before books.

4. Why do even intelligent boys not take an interest in studies?

Even intelligent boys do not take an interest because of the mistaken ambition of their parents. Their parents force them to study the subjects of their choice.

5. What are the mistaken ambitions of the parents?r 

The mistaken ambition of parents is that they want their sons to become physicians, dentists, or engineers without considering their inclinations.

6. How do parents react to the suggestion of the writer?

The parents react sharply to the suggestion of the writer. They get angry when he advises them to honor the yearning of their children. 

7. who wins the controversy of parents and children?

Usually, children win the controversy of parents and children and parents have to yield before the determination of their children.

8. Why does an intelligent boy of school fail in college?

An intelligent student of school fails in college because he needs to learn the real application of knowledge.

9, What is the wrong notion of such an intelligent boy?

Such an intelligent boy wrongly thinks that he can float through college with as little effort as he did in his school.

10. How can we stop such intelligent students from failure?

We can stop such intelligent students from failure by helping them form new sets of habits and attitudes.

11. Is health one of the reasons for failure? 

Yes, health problems is one of the greatest reasons for failure among, students. Their health hampers their progress in studies and, as a result, they fail.

12, How can health problems be solved?

if proper cooperation exists between teaching staff and college doctors, health problems can be solved to a great extent.

13, What may be the reason for students's failure if there is no apparent reason?

If there is no apparent reason for failure, the student may suffer from some illness,. They should be shown to a physician.

14, Do parents cooperate to solve the health problem?

Apart from rare cases, parents, help the college authorities solve the health problems of their children.

15. How is financial pressure serious?

Financial pressure poses serious problems for students because it hampers their mental progress and forces them to do part-time jobs or even sell their blood.

16. Who can bear the expenditures of the students?

Parents should bear the expenditures of their children because they are responsible for their being in this world and they cannot overlook their responsibilities.

17. What loss do the working students suffer?

Working have to bear the loss of their health and the value of their education. they get poor wages and poor health.

18. What is the responsibility of college authorities regarding poor students?

college authorities should arrange scholarships for such poor students so that may continue their studies peacefully.

19. What does the writer advise about the players and athletes?

The writer advises that the players and athletes should either become professional players or leave their games and become regular.

20. Are games an important reason for failure?

No, Games and sports are not an important reason for failure. If too much attention is given to games. They may prove harmful.

21. Who are rotten eggs?

The lazy bluffers who find no serious interest in studies are lazy bluffers and they should be thrown out of the college premises 

22. What ability should a dean have?

A college dean should have the same ability as the physician has so that he may find out the problems of his students and solve them.

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