The Dying Sun Chapter No. 1 Important Questions F. A. Part II

In this article, I have given the most important Questions with answers to the essay They Dying Sun written by Sir James Jeans. These questions are very important from the examination point of view for F.A. students.

 The Dying Sun

Important Questions

1. Are most of the stars bigger than our earth?

apart from a few stars, most of the stars are so big that thousands of the Earths and, in some cases, even millions of the Earths can be packed inside them and leave room to spare.

2. with whom is the total number of stars compared?

The number of stars is compared to the total number of grains of sand on all the seashores of the world.

3. Do the stars come close to one another every now and then,?

No, the space is so immense and stars travel thousands of miles away from one another. So, it is a very rare incident for one star to come anywhere near another.

4. Does James Jeans believe that such an incident did take place?

James Jeans believes that, apart from all impossibilities, such an incident did take place about two thousand million years ago. A star, wandering blindly, came close to the sun.

5. What did this star do to the sun?

This star must have raised tides on the surface of the sun which would have been very different from the little tides which the moon raises in our oceans.

6. What happened when the second star came nearer?

 When the second star came nearer, the tides raised by the star got bigger and the mountain rose higher and higher.

7. What happened when the star went away?

When the star went away, its tidal pull had become so powerful that this mountain tore into pieces and threw small parts into space which has been going around the sun ever since.

8. What are these pieces called?

These pieces are called planets of the sun and our earth is one of the sun and our earth is one of them. These planets helped form the solar system.

9. Why is life impossible on the sun and other stars?

Life is impossible on the sun and other stars because they are extremely hot. That is why, these planets were also very hot ut, but gradually, they cooled down and one of them became fit for life.

10. Where do these planets get light and heat?

These planets get the light and heat from the sun because they lost their heat with time and very little heat of their own is left now.

11. How did life on earth begin?

Life on the earth started in a simple organism that could reproduce before dying. With time, it grew even more complex and, finally, it gave birth to human existence.

12. What is the feeling of the writer when he tries to discover the purpose of the universe?

When the writer tries to discover the purpose of the universe, he fails to do so and he is only met by fear.

13. Why is the universe frightening?

The universe is frightening because of its immense distances, its periods, and because of the extreme loneliness and the littleness of our home.

14. How little is our house in space?

The writer says that we are a very small part of the universe. Our earth is only a millionth part of a grain of sand out of all the sea sand in the world.

15. Does any sign of life exist anywhere else?

No, sign of life does not exist anywhere else except eath. The reason behind it is that they do not have a proper atmosphere for it.

16. Why can life not exist anywhere else?

Life cannot exist anywhere else except the earth because these places are either too cold or too hot. Life needs such a temperature that it might survive in a liquid state.

17. Has life any part in the plan of the universe?

According to the writer, life seems to have not been part of the plan of the universe which seems to be a vague idea.

18. Where can life exist?

Life needs suitable physical conditions for its appearance. The most important condition is the temperature at which substances can exist in a liquid state.

19. How is temperature beyond the Milky Way?

The temperature beyond the Milky Way is still very cold and life cannot be imagined there.

20. What will happen to life outside or inside the narrow belts?

Outside these belts, life would be frozen because of its immense cold while it would bun up inside because of its immense heat.

21. What part do these narrow belts make of the universe?

According to a rough calculation, these narrow belts of life make less than a thousand million millionth part of the whole space.

22. How many stars have planets going around them?

Probably only one star of 100,000 has a planet going around it That is why the writer is so afraid of his future on the earth and calls its creation a mere accident.

23. Is James Jean's theory acceptable to the people?

No, his theory is not acceptable to us because later research has exposed its hollowness. Moreover, we believe that life is not created accidentally.

24. Is man worthless in the scheme of the universe?

No man is not worthless rather he is the best of creations in the scheme of the universe and God has made him His representative 

25. How can this essay be appreciated?

The essay can be appreciated as science fiction. We appreciated the dramatic presentation of the writer but we cannot agree with its contents.

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