When can you write a good essay?

In this article, I have given information on how to write a good essay. I have also given types and kinds of essays. Introduction, descriptive essay, Narrative essay, scientific essay, and social essay.

 Essay Writing

You can write essays well. when you can write in correct English. When you can arrange and express your ideas on a given subject

1. Arrangement and expression of ideas.

For the arrangement and expression of your ideas on a given subject for essays follow these directions.

2. How to Write an Essay?

You may arrange your ideas on a given subject in the three parts of an essay.

i. The introduction

Write something in general about the subject of the essay in the first paragraph.

ii. The Main Body

Write a few paragraphs about the subject of the essay. You may write one or more paragraphs about each main point. Write about some points only. Try to discuss the subject in your essay. You may write some paragraphs in favor of the subject and some against it if the subject topic permits.

iii.  The Conclusion

Write a conclusion in the last paragraph and summarize your essay in the last paragraph.You may write something general about the subject of the essay. This may bring all your ideas to a close.

3.  Writing the outline of the essay

The outline of the essay means its main point
You may write these points before writing your essay or you may leave some space above your essay for these main points. Then you may write them after writing the essay. Your essay will be an expansion of the outline. The outline can help you in methodically writing your essay. If the examiner does not require you to write the outlines along with your essay you may not write it. But if you desire you can write it for your facility.

4. Kids of Essays

A. Descriptive Essays

In these essays you may describe your experiences of life about some events you may have seen, places you may have visited, persons you may know, or things that you see, observe read or hear about. Such essays may be An Incident Which I Can Never Forget, An Air Attack, My Favourite Book, Our Examination System, A Visit to a Historical Place, The Recent Flood, etc
.These essays can be personal in some ways as My Hobby, and My Aim in Life, These essays are also called narrative essays.

C. Scientific Essays

Scientific essays are mostly descriptive. You describe facts, theories, or results of science, efforts of scientists. But you may also discuss the possible use of science, the good and bad results of scientific progress, and the role of the scientist in some scientific Inventions.

D. Social Essays

In these essays, you have to express your ideas on or discuss subjects like Friendship, poverty, patriotism, War, etc. You have to imagine certain things that you may not know from experience. Such essays can My Idea of a Happy Life, The World in the 21st Century, Co-Education, Modern Wars, etc.

E. Mixed Essays

Mixed essay very often you have to write essays that are descriptive, social, etc. at the same time. While writing a descriptive essay you may have to discuss your ideas on the subject.

5. Selecting the Subject

Selecting the right topic for a good essay considers your interest and knowledge. Try to understand the topic well. Also, write your essay according to the topic you choose. Remember that one subject can be put in different forms.

6. Lenth of Essay

The length of the essay should be, as far as possible, according to that required in the question. If you know more about a subject leave out some details or points. If you know less, expand the points you give in your essay a little more. Remember that an essay is never a complete discussion of a subject.

7. Simple Language

Write your essay in simple language. Your language should be clear simple and easy to understand. You can give quotations in your essay according to your topic. You should frame short and pithy sentences in your essay.

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