Letter Writing _ Correspondence Types of Letters

In this article, I have given a method of letter writing. I have How to write a good letter and what are its steps? I have also given the kinds and types of letters in this article.

Letter Writing

Types of Letters

we can divide letters into the following classes

(A) Officials Letters 


These letters include letters addressed to officials or government servants, applications for jobs, scholarship letters written by officials to each other in connection with their official's work, and letters in the form of requests to officials to get something done, for example, to get a road repaired or to get a new water connection from the WASA.

Letters in the form of suggestions to officials and listening to editors of newspapers may also be called official letters. Thus, I have tried to indifferent kinds of letters and applications of an official nature meant to be sent to offices, or coming from offices, in this article.

(B) Personal and Social Letters

These include letters between friends and relatives, notes of invitation, etc.

(C) Business Letters

Business letters include letters of order to business companies or firms and their replies, letters from one business organization to another on business matters, etc.

Steps in Letter Writing

(i) Write your address and the date on the right-hand corner of the page.
you can write the name of the firm or business to whom the letter is addressed.

(ii) Then begin and end your letter thus.

A. To the Headmaster, principal of a college or professor or teacher
Begin with sir and end with Yours obediently or your obedient pupil

B. Junior officials to their senior in offices.
Begin with sir and end with your obediently

C. Applications to Senior officials of Government and heads of the department for employment.
Begin with sir and end with yours obediently

D. To Public officials like post office Masters, Railway station Masters, District Health Officers, Police officers, etc. making complaints, etc.
Begin with dear sir and end with yours faithfully or yours sincerely.

E. To managers of  firms, companies, etc. for purposes of business
Begin with Dear Sir and end with Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely.

F. To editors of newspapers, and managers of radio or TV stations.
Begin with sir and end with yours truly.

Important Note

In your examination do not write the name of your city or place at the top Instead write Examination hall, ABC or ABC Road, CDE. Write XYZ at the end in place of your name. Write your letter and application in a brief way and to the point. Try to provide a separate paragraph for each of the points. Write in a simple way avoiding the use of confusing, unusual, or difficult words or phrases.


1. Write an application to the principal of your college asking for a character certificate which you need while applying for a job

                                                                      Examination Hall,
                                                                      City  A.     B.     C.
                                                                      March   25,    2024

The Principle,
Govt. college,
A,   B,   C


I would request you to provide me a character certificate. I need it in connection, with my efforts to get a job. The following are the facts of my stay in college.

I remained a student of your college from 2021 to 2024. I passed the intermediate in the first division. Then I continued my study in English, zoology, and botany in B, Sc,  I have taken the B.Sc university examination this year. I have done well and hope to make a good grade.

I made regular progress in my studies during my stay at the college. I attended my classes regularly. I took almost all the tests and examinations held in the college for my classes and passed all of them.e

I was a member of the college debating society of college.  I took part in many debates in our college and in other colleges. I won three prizes in the debating contest of the college.

Sir, I may also add that I have always tried to behave well toward my teachers and fellow students. you may verify the college records that I have been a devoted and well-behaved student.

It will be very kind of you if you send me a character certificate. I am applying to some factories and offices for a job. Your certificate will be of great help.

With my best regards,

                                           Yours Obediently
                                            X      Y       Z

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