The Use of would that with examples and exercise for F.A and B.A students.


In this article, I have explained the usage of would that and I wish with examples. I have also given the exercise at the end of the article. Would that is used when we express our wish and desire. The past perfect tense is used in these sentences.

The use of would that and I wish

The sentences in which would that is used belong to the past tense. They translated in the past perfect tense. At the start of the sentence we use would that or I wish. We can use 'were' as helping instead of 'had' in the sentences in which 'would that' is used.

The Structure of the sentence

Would that + Subject + Had + Main Verb + Object
Would That + Subject + Had + 3rd form + Object


  • Would that you had not talked against me.
  • Would that I had gone to college.
  • Would that he had not joined that newspaper.
  • Would that you had not been so beautiful.
  • Would that girls had not been so proud.
  • Would that he were my brother.
  • Would that we were rich.
  • Would that I were the Prime Minister.
  • Would that I were a good player.
  • Would that you had not to deceive me.

The Use of I Wish

I wish and 'would that' have the same meanings. we can use I wish instead of 'would that'. I wish can also use it in order express the desire and wish. In these sentences, we can also use were instead of had.

The Structure of the sentence

I Wish + Subject + Had + Main Verb + Object
I Wish + Subject + Had + 3rd Form + Object


  • I wish she had been my friend.
  • I wish I had won the first prize.
  • I wish they had gone to Lahore
  • I wish I were the best player.
  • I wish you were my best friend.
  • I wish they had invited us.
  • he wishes she had long hair.
  • I wish I had a computer.
  • I wish I had a lot of money.
  • I wish I had joined the army.

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