Write a letter to the Editor on power failure in your city or village.

 In this article, I have written a letter to the editor on power failure. This is a very important letter for intermediate and graduate students and is mostly selected for the examination. It is one of the current affair issues. I have also explained the method of writing a letter to the editor. 

Write a letter to the Editor on power failure in your city.

The Editor,
The Nation,
City A.B.C

Subject: Letter about commenting on power failure


I want to seek the help of your esteemed daily “The Nation” to call the attention of the higher authorities as well as that of the public to a very gave problem. The columns of your influential and widespread newspapers are the most suitable place for it. In the recent past, this problem has assumed a very serious turn. It demands immediate attention from the Government. It is the problem of power failure.

The problem is that of power Failure. Electricity supply in rural areas as well as in urban areas is very unsatisfactory. The public is feeling much disturbed owing to frequent load shedding. Electricity in homes as well as in industrial units is very important. The livelihood of most people depends on a cheaper electric supply.

 In case of power failure or load shedding, the public has to face a miserable plight. Moreover, the electric poles do not safely carry electric wires. Sometimes the electric poles fall down because of heavy storms. As a result, the electric supply is suspended. The employees in the electric department are not efficient. They cannot do the repair work properly. Moreover, the rates of electricity are regularly increased. The entire situation is very pinching. In short, the conditions are very hopeless.

I would like to put forward the following suggestions in this connection. Firstly, electricity should be restored on a permanent basis. Secondly, new dams should be built as soon as possible. Thirdly, the employees in this department should be made responsible, dutiful, and alert. Fourthly, the basis of the electric poles should be cemented. Fifthly, the rates of electricity should not be raised. Sixthly, the media can play an important role in creating awareness in the public. The public should try to save energy resources.

We hope the Government and the high authorities will take an immediate step to solve the problem and redress our grievances.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours sincerely,
X. Y. Z.

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