The Play " Something to Talk About " Summary, Theme and important Questions.

In this article, I have discussed the play " Something to Talk About " in an easy way. I have explained the summary, theme, characters, and important questions. This play is included in the syllabus of B..A. of Punjab Univesity. I have also given one question for the whole play. 

The Play 

Something to Talk About

Note on Sydney's family or the theme of the play.

In the play, "Something to Talk About" the playwriter tells us about the life of a rich and cultured family of London, called Sydney. Sydney's family lived in their daughter named Lettice and Ye countryside. The head of the family was lord Redcheser. He had a very limited and brief family. The family. Lord Redchester lived in his big house with his wife Sophie a young son named Guy Sidney.

The Sydney were peaceful and law-abiding people. They did not take part in politics. They were sincere in their dealings with others. They were truthful in the business of their daily life. They did not believe in betraying or leg-pulling of others. That is why they did not enter into politics. They do not take the profession of law because they hated telling a lie,

They do not go hunting because they did not want to harm the life of anyone. They were devoted to religion. they felt pleasure in church service. We can say that Sydney led a simple boring and dull life.

Their only source of excitement was to attend marriages and funerals. When the burglar wolf entered their house. Sydney Guy welcomed him and called him a Manna in the wilderness. All the members of the family came to see him. They enjoyed his opening of the safe. 

They were not worried about the loss of Christmas gifts of a few thousand. They were keenly interested to get the thrill from his act of robbing them. They were happy that such a notorious burglar honored their house by stealing Christmas gifts.

When the burglar left the house Lord Redchester remarks " Something to talk about at last" The act of burglary which they watched no-seriously became a topic that could break their dullness for a short time.

A character Sketch of  Wulf

Wolf is the central character of the play. He is a notorious burglar in England. When the play opens we find him dressed in a tight fitting. He has a black cap on his head. He has a black mask over his eyes. He carries an electric torch in one hand and a bag in the other. He has a cozen burglar' tolls with him. He is a terror of England.

He is a brave person. He is not afraid of anyone. He enters Lord Redchester's library with full confidence when Guy Sydney enters the house he orders him to stand and hand up. He catches hold of the butler with amazing quickness and gags his mouth. he is very vigilant.

Everyone is impressed by his skill and act of bravery. Lettice greets him Oh How brave of him. "How thrilling". Lord Redchester calls him a tough dauntless devil. guy Sydney introduces him to Preston. " This is the famous Wolf all the police in England are after him. They consider it an honor for them to have Wolf.

She is a beautiful girl of twenty-one. He at once gives his consent. I can never say no to beauty is the remark which reveals to us his love for Lettice. Though outwardly he is gentle yet he is as cruel as Wulf. We can say that he is sheep in wolf's clothing 

Wulf is a greedy and ambitious person. His excessive lust for money is exploited by the Sydneys and he is dismissed from their home empty-minded. Bishop temps him to loot their neighbor Wallaby who is a very wealthy and rich person. Wolf falls easy prey to this temptation. He proves to be a sheep in wolf's clothing. Had he not been greedy he would never have fallen prey to Sydney's wealth.

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