The Essay Science A Great Blessing

The important essay Science A Great Blessing or Benefit of Science or Advantages of science. This essay is for the students of F. A part two. This essay is written in simple and easy language so that students can easily learn and write it in the examination and can get good marks.

The Essay 

Science A Great Blessing

 Science is a great blessing that has given many benefits to man. It has brought a revolution in the life of modern man. We are enjoying a lot of benefits of science which our forefathers would never have dreamed of. This is modern and the age of science. The scientific method is being used in every walk of life. Science has not only benefited rich people but has also eased the life of poor people. even a layman cannot deny the advantages of science.

Science has benefited man in many ways. It has conquered time and space. Hundred of inventions have been made in every field of life in the last few centuries. The greatest benefit of science is the discovery of medicines. The discovery of vaccines and antibiotics has saved us from many fatal diseases. Many dangerous diseases have been wiped off the world. Scientific instruments are being used in surgery and the diagnosis of diseases.

The scientific method has improved our communication. The invention of the telephone and the mobile phone is no less than a miracle. Now, we can talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. We can also send our messages through mobile phones. The facility of the Internet has brought a revolution in the life of modern man. Now we can get any information from the internet in a few seconds.

Our means of transportation have also been revolutionized by the use of science. It has shortened distances. In the past, the means of transportation were very slow. Traveling was done on foot, horseback, camels, carts, etc. It took a long time to travel from one place to another. Now the scientific method has invented rapid means of transportation. Motorbikes, cars, buses, trains, and airplanes have made traveling easy, comfortable, and fast.

Science has also done wonders in the field of agriculture. The scientific method has improved the production and quality of foods. Different methods are being used to produce new varieties of foods. The invention of agriculture machinery has saved a man from overworking.

Science has brought many comforts in our life. Air conditioners, air splitters, and electric heaters have made our life comfortable. The inventions of different electronics and computers have provided us lit of entertainment. In a nutshell, science has done wonders in our everyday life. Now, it depends on us to use science only for the benefit of mankind, not for its destruction.

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