The use of " With a view to " with examples and exercise.

 In this article, I have explained the use of' 'with a view to" in a sentence. I have also given the rules and structure of a sentence in which "with a view to" is used. I have also given the exercise at the end of the article.

The use of with a view to

How to use 'with a view to' in a sentence

Introduction'With a view to' is used in those sentences in which we do something for some reason. The first form + ing is used after' with a view to'.' With a view to' is used when we do something in order to do something else. We do something because we hope that it will result in something else happening. We do something for a particular purpose.


Subject + Helping Verb + Main Verb + Object + With a view to + Main verb +Object

Subject + According to tense + According to tense + With a view to + Ving + Object


 I went to his office with a view to meeting him.

2. Students work hard day and night with a view to winning good marks.

3. People go for walk with a view to breathing in the fresh air.

4. He was tired and he went to his room with a view to taking a rest.

5. I often go to him with a view to knowing his opinion.

6. The patient went to the doctor with a view to checking himself.

7. Pakistan has made preparation with a view to handling terrorism effectively.

8. The parents came with a view to seeing their son-in-law.

9. The principal called a meeting with a view to finalizing the date of the examination.

10. The Government has introduced the Ehsas program with a view to helping the poor.

11. He decorated the house with a view to selling it.

12. He did his M.A with a view to getting a job.

13. I have written this book with a view to helping the students.

14. I am studying hard with a view to getting admission to a university.

15. He arranged a party with a view to inviting his friends.

16. She organized a seminar with a view to teaching grammar to the students.

. He took a great risk with a view to saving many precious lives.

18. He passed the CSS with a view to becoming an officer.

19. I conducted a study with a view to checking the dorp out of the students.

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