what is Punctuation ? How to use Punctuation?

 What is Punctuation?

 The punctuation marks are helpful in understanding the sentence and making a sentence meaningful. They make a sentence meaningful and more clear by using few words.

1. Period or full stop (.)

Period or full stop is used at the end of the sentence. 

2. Comma (,)

The comma is used to marks a pause during a sentence.

3. Question Mark (?)

The question mark is used at the end of the sentence in a interrogative sentence.

4. Semicolon (;)

The semicolon is used when we have to separate two independent clauses.

5. Colon (:)

The colon is used to separate items in a list.

6. Exclamation Mark(!)

The exclamation mark is used to make a declaration.

7. Quotation Mark (" ")

The quotation mark is used to show direct speech in a text.

8. Hyphen (-)

A hyphen is used when we have to join words and parts of words.

9. Brackets ( )

The brackets are used to provide additional information.

10. Ellips ( . . .)

Ellips is used to signify missing text.

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