The Noun and its types with examples and exercise



A noun is a word used as the name of a person, place, feelings, emotions or thing. For Example, Karachi is a beautiful city. The rose smells sweet. The sun shines bright. Honesty is the best policy. His courage won him a medal.

kinds of nouns English grammar

Kinds of Noun

Nouns can be divided into two major kinds

1 Abstract noun

2 concrete noun

1. Abstract noun

The name of things that have no materialistic existence OR the name of feelings quality, action, state, emotions, art, and science is called Abstract noun. 
 Example love hates honesty friendship strength wisdom happiness. etc


 An abstract noun has no further sub kinds but if a noun is a concrete noun then it belongs to further sub kinds of concrete nouns.

2 Concrete noun

A noun that has materialistic existence is called a concrete noun. Concrete nouns are made of substance or material so we can see and touch them.
For Example boy-girl city country province school water rice milk gold etc
The concrete noun has four subtypes.

1. The proper noun

2. The common nouns

3. The collective nouns

4. The material nouns

1. The Proper Noun

 Special person, place, and thing are called proper nouns. The proper nouns are always written with a capital letter at the beginning. Example
Lahore Pakistan India Ali etc

2.  Common nouns

 A common person, place, and thing are called common nouns.
 Girl, boy, man. City country.  Province etc

3.  Collective noun

The name of a collection of the same kind of things is called a collective noun.
 Army crowd mob team flock herd fleet jury family nation parliament committee etc

4.  Material noun

The name of the substance or material of which other things are made is called material nouns. Matter after transforming into things is called a common noun only matter or substance which can be molded or transformed into other things is called a material noun. Example water sugar milk gold silver copper

2nd class of nouns

Another class of nouns is countable or uncountable. All nouns are countable or uncountable but one thing keeps in your mind that a noun can be concrete and countable at the same time it can be countable or uncountable. Countable and uncountable is not a type of concrete noun but is the further division of nouns. A noun is common or proper but at the same, it can be countable and uncountable.

1 countable noun

Countable nouns are the name of objects and people that we can count. Example book, pen, boy, man, doctor, table, chair, desk, etc

2 uncountable nouns

Uncountable nouns are the names of things that we can not count. Example
Milk, oil, sugar, gold, honesty, etc

Note uncountable nouns mostly denote substances and abstract things.

3rd class of nouns

Another classification of nouns is plural and singular nouns.

1.  Singular nouns

The name of one person, place, and thing is called a singular noun. Example boy, girl, chair, table, man, woman, country, etc

2.  Plural nouns

A noun that denotes more than one person, place, and thing is called a plural noun.



1 A masculine gender

A noun that is used to refer to a male gender is called masculine gender.

2  Feminine

A noun which is used to denote a female gender is called a feminine noun.

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