Seven important secrets of success

 This article is about all the aspects and concepts of success. I will explain what is success in the real sense and how to be successful in your life.

What is success?

Successful man in the world

Everyone defines success in his own way. some people believe that success is to earn money online in Pakistan and others believe that success is to get a reputation and name. First of all, we should try to understand the concept of success. success is not just earning a lot of money because many people earn a lot of money but they are not successful because they are not satisfied with their life. Many people achieve reputation and name but they are not happy so they are not successful, success is the name of mental peace and satisfaction. If we want to get success we try to get mental peace and satisfaction. In order to get success, we should analyze the factors which can affect success.

How to become a successful person?

If a person wants to get success he adopts these qualities in his personality.

1. Optimistic approach vs pessimistic approach

There are two types of people in the world optimistic and pessimistic. Optimistic people believe that we can change our life. They see the positive side of life. They believe that life is a very precious thing we should not waste. They believe that we should use it in order to get a great aim. They believe that man is very powerful. Man can do everything in this life. They believe that Allah Almighty created a man and give him full freedom to get anything. Optimistic people believe that if you are determined you can do anything.

Optimism is a unique quality that helps us in achieving success in life. Pessimism is a negative approach to life. pessimistic people believe that man is predestined and he is bound by his fate, Pessimistic people believe that man is a puppet in the hands of nature he cannot move even without the will of nature. Pessimistic people do not try to do anything because they believe that we cannot do it. If a man wants to get success, first of all, he has to change his belief. He has to convert a pessimistic approach to an optimistic approach. Belief and approach play a very important role in changing fate, A pessimistic man does not try to do anything great because when he tried to do something his belief stops him that he cannot do it.

2. Set your goals

Most people fail because they do not set their goals. Goal setting is a very important factor in order to get success. A large number of people do not set their goals which is why they fail in their life. In selecting goals different people have different approaches, There are three approaches and schools of thought, the first school of thought says that we should select realistic goals in life, This school of thought says that we should select realistic goals. Realistic goals mean that we should select such goals that are easily achievable. For example, a man selects his goal that he wants to be a teacher. He did his matriculation, intermediate, graduation, and master and he would be a teacher. A man who selects a common or realistic goal can easily achieve it.

The second school of thought says that we should select lofty and great aims. According to this school of thought selecting a low or common aim is a crime. For example, a man wants to be a doctor, judge, and politician. The third school of thought says that we should select a goal that is unachievable. This school of thought believes that if we select a common or realistic aim we can easily achieve it after achieving the goal life will be useless because without aim and goal life is nothing. According to this school of thought if we select a goal that is unachievable we can lead a more successful life than those people who select common goals and easily achieve it.
The people who select the goals always succeed.

3. Manage your time

The third important factor which can help us in achieving our goal is time management. Time management is very important and plays a vital role in achieving our goals. Most people fail because they do not manage their time. Life is like a race the people who maintain their speed win the race. Most people select lofty aims but their speed is very low that is they fail. The people who run according to their goal win and succeed in life.

4. Hard-working

The fourth factor which is very important in order to get succeed is hard work. In this world, no one can deny the importance of hard work.  We have the wrong concept of hard work.  Most people believe that being hard-working means doing work after making it hard. There is no work that is difficult. There ae many business ideas for women that can help you start your own business. It depends upon us whether we make our work easy or difficult. For example, if a man is reading the novel the old man and the sea and he is enjoying it but on the other side a student who is studying the same novel for preparation he finds it difficult. It is we who make our work easy and tough. The people who enjoy their work always succeed in their life. We should not work like a donkey but we should enjoy our work so that we can be successful in our life.

5. In time working

A fifth important factor is working in time. The people who work on time always succeed in life. Most people fail because they do not work in time. They work after wasting their time. For example, if a student does not study doing the exam but after the exam, he started to study this study does not give him an advantage. Once a wise man was going to the city. When he was passing through a forest he saw that a woodcutter was cutting a tree. When the wise man was returning in the evening he saw that the same woodcutter was cutting the same tree. The wise man asked the woodcutter you have been cutting this tree since morning but you can not succeed to cut the tree. what is the reason? The woodcutter replied that actually in the morning I was getting up late in the morning and I was in a hurry and I cannot sharpen my ax. My ax is not sharp that is why I failed to cut a single tree. This example shows that a man who works on time always succeeds in his life. we should work in time if we want to succeed in life. In time working is a very important factor which can change our life.

6. Continue working 

A large number of people work hard but they do not work consistently. They find out short cut to success. But the reality of life is that there is no shortcut to success.  You will have to work on a continuing basis. Many students study when their examinations are closed. They try to pass through the shortcut and selective study. when they enter practical life they fail. Picasso was a great painter once he was going somewhere a student approaches him and asked him, sir, I am your fane please give me an autograph. Picasso takes a pen and paper and draws a sketch on it. He gives it to the boy and asked him to sell it. It has much value when the boy sold the printing its value was the same as said by Picasso. The student was surprised and asked Picasso if he wants to be a painter like him. He said I had to work hard for 25 years continuously then I succeeded to make a painting like this if you can work for 25 years you can also be a painter like me. This example shows that there is no shortcut to success. we have to for a long time in order to get success.  

7. The concept of success and failure 

Most of us have the wrong concept of success and failure. Most people believe that success is to own something or to get something. Success is how we struggle or efforts to find something. What is under our control? we can only struggle we find something or not this is not under our control. If a person shows a great struggle to find something but unfortunately he fails to find something or to achieve his target we cannot say that he failed. we find the concept of success and defeat in the novel the old man and the sea by Hemingway. The story of the novel revolves around an old man named Santiago. He is an old man who catches the fish and mange his livelihood. once, unfortunately, he fails to catch a single fish for 84 days but he does not disappoint and continues his struggle. On the 85th day, he goes too far away into the sea. He catches a big fish named Marlin but unfortunately. His marlin is eaten away by sharks. He returns without any fish but he does not disappoint that is why he is called a hero. Success is the name of struggle, not a reward. Our job is to struggle we receive the reward or not this is not under our control.   

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