Seven important characteristics of a good student

In this article, I have discussed the qualities and characteristics of a good and ideal student. If a student has these qualities he or she can succeed in life and can get good grades in examinations. This article can help the students in shaping good personalities. This article is very important and useful for students. 

Characteristics of a good student

\characteristics of a good student

1 Be regular and punctual

The first quality of a good student is regularity and punctuality. A good student should be regular and punctual. If a student is not regular and punctual he cannot get good grades in examinations. There are many students who are very hard working but they are not regular so they fail in life. A good student should be regular and punctual because the course is designed in a sequence if a student miss one class this is broken. Chapters and questions are designed in a sequence-like chain if a student breaks this chain he finds it difficult to understand the next chapter and question. Even missing one class can affect a student's grade. 

The first quality which a student should develop in his personality is regularity and punctuality. If a student wants to be an ideal student he should be regular and punctual. Regularity and punctuality is not only important for a good student but a professional man. If a student does not develop this quality in his personality he may face some difficulty in his practical life. The Students who do not have this quality cannot adjust themselves in their practical life.

All the successful persons in the world have this quality. When I was a university student in the first semester I was in the second position in the class. Unfortunately in the second semester when my class started I had an accident and I do not attend my class for one week. After that, I try my best level to fulfill my deficiency but I cannot do it. In the second semester, my marks were affected badly and I reached the second position to fifteen positions in my class. I learned a lesson from that experience that even missing one class can affect a student's grade so a good student should be regular in his classes if he wants to get good grades and be successful in practical life.

2. Participate in co-curricular activities

Class and Grading system in Pakistan Education

A good student should be participating in co-curricular activities. In order to get success in life, only grades are not important but physical and mental health play a very important role in achieving success in life. There are many students who are good in study and have good grades but they fail in life. If a student participates in co-curricular activities he can improve his physical and mental health and confidence which is very important in achieving success in life. 

Many students have good grades but they want to join any force but they fail due to bad physical health so they cannot fulfill their desire in life. A good student should play games, make speeches and participate in other activities held in schools and colleges then he can be an ideal student. Many students succeed in their life because they have good confidence and good physical health. They become a professional player but good grader sometimes fails to get a good status in society. An ideal student should be an all-rounder in all activities.

3 Ask questions in the classroom

Another quality of a good student is asking questions in the classroom. A good student always asks questions in the classroom. He should ask questions but relevant questions, not irrelevant questions. Many students ask questions but they ask irrelevant questions therefore they are discouraged by their teachers. Now the question is that what are relevant and irrelevant questions? For example, you are studying the topic noun your question should be about nouns and its types, etc. If your question is not related to nouns it should be related to their types. If the question is not related to nouns and its types it should be related to the part of speech.

 If your question is not related to nouns, their types, and part of speech it must be related to your subject. Many students ask irrelevant questions that is why they cannot improve their skills to ask questions. Asking questions is a skill we should learn it and improve it particularly for a student. Asking questions is difficult but giving answers is easy. A student should learn this skill by asking questions in the classroom if he wants to be successful in life.

4 prepare your own notes

The fourth quality which a student should develop is he should make his own notes. Many students depend on books and helping books for preparing for their exams. They study readymade notes but they do not write their own notes. According to my views, this is not a good technique to study. If a student makes his own notes he easily remembers their lesson and topics. The reason is that we learn through seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

 When we are studying notes prepared by others we are using only one sense but if we prepare our own notes we can use more senses so we can learn more easily what we study. A student should make his own notes with the help of a teacher's lectures, textbooks, and helping books. When he will write such question which he prepares and write with the help of his teacher lecture, textbook, and oral lecture of his teacher definitely it would be different and unique from other students in this way he can get more marks than other students.

5 Improve communication skills

The fifth quality of a good student is that he should improve his communication skills. Communication skills are very important for a good student. Many students have good grades but they do not have good communication skills. When they go for an interview they fail to get a good job. He can improve this skill through reading books and participating in co-curricular activities. Our communication shows that what type of person we are. How much knowledge do we have? Our personality depends upon communications skills. A student should listen to talk shows and good speakers so that he can improve his knowledge and communication skills.

6 Refresh your mind

A good student should refresh his mind so that it works and save more things. The question is that how a student can refresh his mind. All the learning and teaching process revolves around the mind therefore it is very important that he concentrate on his mind so that it can work in a better way. There are different exercises which can help to increase the ability of mind and mind can save more things. I want to share my personal experience and many doctors suggest this exercise. Whenever I am mentally tired I go to mosque and offer prayer I feel great and refresh myself.

 When we offer prayer our body change four different positions first we stand straight, bend, forehead torched the ground, and then sit, these four positions are good exercise of our mind which can enhance the ability of our mind and our mind can remember more things. The students who are Muslims can kill two birds with one stone. They can do exercise of mind and earn virtues. The non-Muslims also can get benefit of this exercise. This is a unique formula for refreshing the mind and increasing the capacity of the mind.

Medical prove that this exercise is helpful in increasing the capacity of the mind. The students who want to increase the ability of their mind should do this exercise daily basis. They will feel positive changes in their mental health. They will feel great freshness after performing this exercise.

 This is common sense which proves my statement that when we go to sajod our forehead touch the ground and another part of the body are high so blood move towards the brain rapidly and when we return to kyam position blood return back. This circulation of blood has a positive effect on our mind and we feel fresh. This is a very good formula in order to refresh our minds. Whenever I feel tiredness I always do this exercise that is why I want to share this formula with all other people so that they can get benefit from this formula. A student who wants to increase the capacity of their mind and can remember more things should do this exercise.

7 Refresh your soul or spirit

Man is a blender of three elements body, mind, and spirit. If a man wants to lead a successful and happy life he should concentrate on all these three elements. Most people give more importance to one element which is body or physique. We spend a lot of money on our physique. We do exercise daily in order to maintain physical health. We maintain our diet so that we can keep ourselves healthy. We use different cosmetics so that we look beautiful.

 Some maybe do a little effort and exercise to refresh their mental health but unfortunately, the most important element is our spirit which is totally ignored by us. Unfortunately, most of us ignore spirit which is most important. Our body is mortal after death it will be destroyed and finished but our soul is permanent. We should give equal attention to our body, mind, and soul then we can lead a balanced and successful life in this world. Many people get reputation, money and good status but they are not happy and comfortable. They remain upset and depress the reason is that they are not satisfied with their life. The reason is that they are fit physically but not fit mentally and spiritually.

If a man wants to lead a successful life he should concentrate on body, mind, and spirit on an equal level then he can lead a successful life. We find many successful people committed suicide the reason is that they are not fit mentally and spiritually. If a person is mentally, physically, and mentally fit then he can lead a successful. The question is that how can we refresh our soul because the soul is metaphysical we cannot see and touch it then how can we refresh it? Religion provides us spiritual solace and comfort. For example, a Muslim can get spiritual solace by reciting the Holy Quran and the person who belongs to other religions can get spiritual solace by reciting their religious books and performing their religious rituals. For a student's physical, mental and spiritual health is very important then he can succeed in his life.

If a student is physically, mentally, and spiritually fit and healthy then he can perform well and can get good marks. A student should adopt these seven qualities which can help him in leading a successful life. A good student should be regular and punctual. He should participate in co-curricular activities. He should prepare his own notes with his own hands. He should do exercise in order to refresh his mind. He should refresh his mind and spirit. All these characteristics are very important for a student and he should adopt them if he wants to succeed in his life.

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