Write ten sentences on Pakistani Women ( sample solution)

This article is for the students of the 10th class. Students are asked to solve this question for an alternative translation of an Urdu paragraph into English. I have given just sample that how to solve this question?


Pakistani Women

Women in Pakistan have begun to take an active part in different spheres of life. They have few jobs in the past, and teachers during the first ten years of Pakistan. But sphers for women now are greater than ever before. They seem well on the way to becoming even more active in the near future. They compete successfully in the central superior services. examinations. They holding responsible positions in administration, customs, income tax, railway, foreign service, police, and postal deem are in the assemblies as M.N. As.. Quite a number of educated women are in banks and in business. Pakistan had its first-ever woman Prime Minister in 1988-90 and again in 1994-96. Women of Pakistan are now more conscious of their social and political status in the twenty-first century,

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