Precis Writing Rules for Precis writing

In this article, I have some important rules of precis writing. I have given some important rules that how to make precis of a given passage. Precis writing is one of the important questions given in different exams and most students do not know the rules of making precis. These rules will be very helpful for students in making precis of given passages in the examination.

 Rules for Precis writing

Following rules should be kept in mind while making the precis of a given passage.

1. The given passage must be read once or twice to grasp the central idea.

2. A suitable title should be given to the passage.

3. A precis is always in the indirect narration.


 He said " I shall like her sister.
 He said that he would like her sister.

4. No idiomatic expressions are used in a precis.


At last, he gave up the ghost.
At last, he died.

5. No simile is used in precis.


She is as clever as a fox.
She is very clever.

6. No Metaphor is used in precis.


    This soldier is the Tipu of our regiment.
    This soldier is the bravest in our regiment.

7. No mythological reference is given in a precis.


    This girl is the Lakshmi in her family
     This girl is the luckiest in her family.

8. No quotation can be given in precis.


   The Quaid said, " Work, work, work,"
   The Quaid stressed the importance of work.

9. A genuine precis is always original. No words should be borrowed from the given paragraph.

10. A precis is always one-third of the given paragraph in length.

11. A beautiful is always cogent, coherent, and compact.

Sample Passage

Once there was a crow. It felt very thirsty. It flew here and there in search of water. but in vain. At last, it reached a garden. It was overjoyed to see a picture of water there. It flew to the pitcher and looked into it. It became sad because the water was too low. Its beak could not reach the water. it did not lose heart. Suddenly, it hit upon a plan. There was a heap of pebbles lying nearby. It began to drop pebbles into the pitcher. The water rose up. It drank water to its fill and flew away happily.


1. What was the thirsty crow doing?
The thirsty crow was searching for water here and there.
2. What did the crow find?
The crow found a pitcher.
3. What idea came to the mind of the crow.
It hit a plan to pun pebbles into the pitcher.
4. What did the crow do when the water rose up?
It drank water and flew away.
5. Suggest a suitable title.
A thirsty crow


A crow was searching for water. it found a pitcher in a garden that was half-filled with water. It started throwing pebbles into the pitcher When the water rose up, it drank water and flew away.

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